Basic Blogspot Blogging Skills for Beginners and Professionals

Here is a list of skills needed for every blogger who is beginning the blogging journey

Expertise in your Niche

You should identify your niche. You should be both passionate and expert in that topic

Ability to Network with Other bloggers of your Niche

Many bloggers ensure that they not only publish their niche topic but also read other blogs of their niche

Basic HTML Skills

You don't have to be an expert in HTML but know the fundamentals. This will help you to customize your blog and add basic blog widgets.

Writing Skills

Though you don't have to be an expert in writing initially, you may have to work on honing your writing skills as you become popular over time. Your writing skills include knowing the use of 8 parts of speech, basic sentence combining techniques and using structure and content words appropriately in your blog posts.

SEO Skills

SEO is about guessing the keywords, phrases, questions and statements that people might use in online search engines on your niche and writing blog posts aligning to it.

Free Blogspot Blogging Advice, Tips for Beginners

Here is a list of blogspot tools I use to customize, monetize, find my niche network (lifecoach), check blog performance. I update it frequently whenever I find useful blogspot tools here. So, check it often.

I use and recommend to track your niche bloggers who doesn't have either Google plus or Twitter or any other social networking sites by only bloggers. Netvibes is free, simple to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge. simple sign up in netvibes, and then keep adding the blogs that you'd like to follow and get updates.

Life Coach Blog Partner - Network, Community, Blog Link Exchange

Dear Life Coach Bloggers,

It is my privilege to become blog partner with you.

What is Blog Partner,

You simply display my blog/blogposts in your blog/website either in your home page or in any of your blog posts. IN RETURN, I PROMISE TO DISPLAY YOUR BLOG/BLOGPOST/WEBSITE ARTICLE IN MINE.


Here is an example. my blog partner, Mr.Jaro and I have exchanged blog post links with each other (Mr Jaro's blog post has been displayed at the end of this blog post)

Thanks and looking forward to build a long term life coach blog partnering relationship with you. Eagerly awaiting for your kind reply.

Sridhar Chandrasekaran
Life Coach Blogger

Anecdote Vs Short Story Vs Joke with Examples

Difference Between Anecdote, Short Story, Joke
Difference Between
Anecdote, Short Story, Joke

Anecdote Vs Short Story: Anecdotes are short real life incidents that sound amusing, and interesting and humorous. Stories can be fake or made up and are longer in duration compared to an anecdote. Generally, unlike stories, the number of words in an anecdote would not exceed 1000. However, a short  story may also not exceed 1000 words, unlike anecdotes, a short story may not be funny or humorous, though, the story length does not exceed 1000 words.

Life Coach Bloggers Network

Are you a life coach who have a blog or a website? Join the community. Tell us what inspired you to take up life coach profession in the body of the "Post a Comment". Let us network!

Note: This post is moderated. include your website, blog in, "Comment As" section and kindly do not post your website/blog link in the body (Enter your Comment) section.

Happy Blogging
Sridhar Chandrasekaran
Life Coach Blogger

List of Dress Code Tips for Business, Sales and Customer Service Coach with Examples

Whether you are attending a formal interview or giving a business presentation, dress takes a vital and it acts as a non-verbal communication tool to express yourself. Besides good handshake, eyecontact, facial expressions and gestures, dress can bring entire new attitude in a professional business scenario. FOODS mnemonic summarizes appropriate proper dress code for both men and women in a formal business situation:

    Business Dress Code Tips men women
    Professional Appropriate Dress Code Tips
  1. Fabric
  2. Opinion
  3. Old
  4. Dye
  5. Size
1. Fabric: You should choose right professional business wear. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for both men and women. It is not only soft on skin but also looks decent, neat and professional. Nevertheless, choosing the right fabric also depends on various other factors such as type of the business presentation, weather and individual comfortability.

List of Judgmental Statements, Phrases and Words with Examples

Building interesting human relationships is an art. You should know what to say and what not to say to people. Instead of being judgemental you focus yourself towards action or action plans. For example, instead of saying, "She loves me because she hugged and kissed me", ask her, "Do you love me", instead of saying, "He is stupid because he is just staring the paper, doing nothing", ask him, "Did you understand the problem, may I know how what approach you are going to take to solve this Math?"


  • He is wearing a decent dress, so he knows how to behave well with others.
  • She is a very happy lady because she always smiles.
  • She doesn't like me because she never makes an eye contact with me.
List of Judgemental Statements with Examples
List of Judgmental Statements with Examples


  • He speaks very soft and kind, so he will never hurt anyones' feelings.
  • He speaks kind words, so he will always listen and obey to what I say.
  • She hates me because she used profane language.
  • He shouts at me whenever I talk about moving to a different country, he doesn't like moving to another place.
  • He always talks good about Mr.John because he like him everymuch.

List of Redundant Statements, Words, and Phrases with Examples

Whether you are giving a speech or writing an email, it should be avoided to make your communication more effective and efficient. Here is a list of redundant sentences and statements that are used in our daily life conversations.

Redundant Statements, Sentences Examples Phrases
Redundant Statements, Sentences Examples Phrases

List of Common Redundant Sentences and statements:-
  1. All I want is the end result that matters.
  2. See, Did you notice that we both are wearing the exact same color clothes
  3. If suppose you read the past history of Ghandhiji, you will understand that he was absolutely certain about final outcome of India's independence.
  4. At present time, I’m in a difficult dilemma and I don’t know how to make a definite final decision to plan ahead.
  5. It was a major breakthrough new invention and it is an unexpected surprise to the world.

List of Generalized Words, Phrases, Statements with Examples

Generalized Statements Examples List
Generalized Statements
Examples List

Generalizations, sometimes, can be a verbal communication barrier during communication. General Words/phrases such as everybody, nobody, always, all, everyone, and no one in a sentence or statement are some examples of generalizations. You must replace them tactfully by using diplomatic, thoughtful and sensitive language. Generalizations must be particularly avoided in resumes, business meetings and during conflicts.

Here is a list of examples Generalized statements and its replacement:

Things to Remember When Packing for a Family Trip - Checklist Organization Tips

A Smart Traveller Knows What to Pack-Uses Simple T Words Mnemonic Devices
Things to Remember when Packing for a family Trip
Things to Remember when Packing
for a family Trip
"What to pack?" is one question almost all travelers ask before planning. A smart traveler would memorize "T Words", an easy to recall mnemonic device, to remember the packlist. Both an occasional traveler, who travels once in a year, and frequent traveler, who tours round the clock, would benefit from this simple T mnemonic device. A Traveler can be rest assured that all the necessary stuff has been taken for a peaceful travel once they memorize these words that start with t. This mnemonic is ideal of weekend trips, road trips, business trips, overnight trips, school trips, motorcycle trips, ski trips and backpacking trips.

Before packing suitcase, take travel advice; The eight T words summarizes trip packing list that can make any travel organized:

What to Pack? The Travel Ticket is First in the Packlist:

Tickets include both to and fro journey. Tickets also hints gift vouchers and travel discount coupons.
One of the Vital Things in the Packing List for Vacation;

Tens & Thousands of Cash: Here, it is also a clue to remind debit cards, credit cards and currencies during a trip or a vacation.

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