Difference Between Oral, Verbal and Vocal Communication Skills with Examples

Language is one of the vital elements of interaction skills. Besides good Verbal communication skills, one must also have clear and crisp oral communication skills. It is application of musical skills of your voice. Varying the rhythm, tone, inflection and volume of your voice will give contextual clarity during persuasion.

Difference between Oral, Verbal and Vocal Communication 
Oral communication is about how you use your voice and its elements while verbal communication is how you use language skills to convey, convince and consider others' opinions, beliefs and feelings. The only difference between vocal and oral communication is in vocal both the content and voice is emphasized while in vocal communication the emphasis is only on the use of voice.

Oral Communication is Prosody of a Language 

When the phrase, "It was an interesting speech" with a boring tone of voice can actually mean that the presentation was not interesting. So, during persuasion, using right pitch, tone, volume and rate or speech, which is called the prosody of the language, is as important as using right vocabulary and valid facts. Prosody can bring liveliness, enthusiasm and energy to the presentation.

Verbal persuasion is called the prosody of a language that includes vocal communication, which is a combination of linguistic and musical skills that gives meaning to the language through a blend of paralanguage skills such Inflection, rhythm and tone.

Excellence Vs Perfection Vs Efficiency Vs Effectiveness with Examples

Life Coaching > Intrapersonal Skills > Intrapersonal Competency >

Excellence is one of the vital elements of influencing skills and The difference between perfection and excellence is being faultless is perfection and continuous improvement process to reach faultlessness is excellence. Perfection is a destination while excellence is a journey. Some of you might be wondering what is the need of Excellence journey, here are some thoughts:

Broadly, the intention behind excellence can be classified as:-
1.    Effectiveness: the quality.
2.    Efficiency: Achieving quality utilizing least time and resources.
Excellence Vs Perfection Vs Effectiveness Vs Efficiency
Excellence Vs Perfection Vs Effectiveness Vs Efficiency

Examples of Effectiveness in Everyday Life situations

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List of Intrapersonal Conflict Situation with Examples

Here is a list of intrapersonal conflict situation that happen to us either personally and/or professionally in our everyday life. As a life coach, you can use these examples to create role-plays and resolve them.

  • You are not Fit to Be a Manager
Mr.A, who reports to Mr.B is, offlate, spreading comments about his manager, Mr.B, saying, "Mr.B is not fit to be a manager, doesn't understand other's emotions or feelings, I hate him" and so on. As Mr.B, how would you manage this situation?

You are not fit to a manager

  • I Couldn't Achieve my Passion

You, who is passionate about filing atleast one patent in life, say to yourself, "I'm demotivated because in spite of trying several ways, for almost a decade, to come up with innovative ideas, I couldn't file a single patent." How would you handle this situation to yourself?

Intrapersonal Conflict Examples
Intrapersonal Conflict Examples
Image source: about, effectivemanagers

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One Minute Training Games without Props/Equipment

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Here is a list of One Minute Training Games without Props/Equipment. It is short and quick

8 with Hands, 6 with Legs

In the sitting posture, make participants write the numbers in the air,  number 8 using hand, number 6 using leg, at the same time. 

Games without Props Examples
Games without Props Examples

5 Dance Steps in Groups

A group of participants perform 5 (or 10-15) dance steps, all at once, without slip-up. The more dance steps the team performs in groups, the winner.

Games without Props - Group Dance
Games without Props - Group Dance

Walk Backwards

Simply make participants walk, run, jump backwards

Games without Props- walk Backwards
Games without Props- walk Backwards

Who Changed their voice?

Except one team member, Mr.A, rest of the team stands in circle, hands around each other, bowing down, at a sign, one of them in the circle says, "How are you Mr.A?" by changing the voice. Mr.A have to recognize the person and say, "I'm fine, Mr/Ms.______? Mr.A wins if all the names are guessed correctly.

Games without Equipment - Examples
Games without Equipment - Examples

Eye-to-Eye without blinking- Make 2 people stand/sit facing each other, at a sign, both have to look at each other  eye to eye and not blink. The one who prolongs the longest time without blinking the eyes will be the winner.

games with no props without equipment examples
Watching eye to eye without blinking

Get up sitting facing back- Make 2 people sit facing back to each other, holding hands, at a sign, they've to get up. Time it.

Training Games without Equipment

Handwrestling: A simple action game with on equipement required. Simply make,"A" and "B" opposite to each other, hold hands with their arms resting on either a table or ground. At a sign, both attempt to push the arm of the other to the ground. Here is the method 

Stand on One Leg: Make a person/team to stand on leg, try making them, laugh, dance, jump, move from point to the other. By making a person stand on one leg, you come up with several innovative ideas to play this game.

Games with No Equipment Stand on One Leg
Games with No Equipment
Stand on One Leg
Games with No Equipment Group Stand on One Leg
Games with No Equipment
Group Stand on One Leg

SIX DIFFERENCES: 'A' Goes out, changes six physical features of appearance, team has to spot the difference.

Rise Up Together: Team sits in a circle with hands around each other's shoulders. At a sign, they all attempt to stand up with no one's hand touching the ground.

Image Credits: Digitalspy, rejuvenate, profileperving, 123rf, Pyroenergen, nutcracker, Dreamstime

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Mnemonics, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initials for Life Coaches

Life coaches include relationship coach, sales coach, customer service coach, executive coach and leadership coach to name a few. Here is a list of useful Mnemonics, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initials for Life Coaches that suits almost all kinds of life coaches:-

Remember Thomas and Chess's Nine Temperament Theory

RAPID ARMS Mnemonic: Regularity, Adaptability, Persistance, Intensity, Distractability, Activity, Reaction (Approach or Withdrawal), Mood, Sensory threshold. More about Thomas and Chess 9 Temperament Theory

Remember Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner

LIMB LINES Mnemonic: Linguistic, Intrapersonal, Musical, Bodily kinesthetic, Logical-mathematical, Interpersonal, Naturalistic, Existential, and Spatial. More about this theory

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Effective Icebreakers and Energizer Games

Difference Icebreaker, Energizer and How to Conduct One
Difference Icebreaker,
Delivering the presentation topic effectively is one of the presentation methods and you should know how to conduct icebreaker and an energizer games effectively. Conducting sales training icebreakers, activities and games are one common assignments seen among almost all sales training facilitators. Though most commonly used in soft skill training, simple icebreaker activities seem to attract even technical corporate training programs. It is one of the team development activities in almost every office, which is primarily played to break the ice, warm-up or energize a training session at the beginning.

Icebreaker Vs Energizer

An icebreaker is conducted in order to break the ice among the audience so that they are familiar and comfortable with each other during a training program or a workshop whereas an energizer is conducted into order to bring energy among the audience. Generally, energizers are conducted post lunch in order to ensure the enthusiasm and excitement is ensured during a training session. You can energize the audience either physically or mentally by conducting activities and games.

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